Our Services


Our Services

It is always very challenging to complete the written projects in time, then after writing it the most boring part starts when you need to format the whole projects. We provide the complete formatting of eBooks for Kindle, Create Space and Medium, Academic written projects, Professional Papers for International Journals according to IEEE, APA 6, APA 7, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and Vancouver. Universities and Earning platforms like Kindle provide a long guidelines document to follow for publications. It is always difficult to do a job that is not your field, if you have done your field related work and now compilation and formatting is left then try Seemicme for these services. Formatting includes;

• Clickable list of content.
• Indentations
• Customized Header/Footer
• Tables and Images alignments
• Captions of figures and tables.
• Level Headings
• Automated list of Figures/Tables
• Custom Margins.
• Pagination (Roman and Numerals in one doc)
• Title Page.
• Tracked Document & Ready-to-use Document


Bibliography has always many technicalities that needs to be followed. We transform your raw bibliography or links into a ready-to-use version. We are pro in APA 6, APA 7, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, and Vancouver. Bibliography and References are cross checked with sources and, Web links and Doi are provided where require.

We strictly follow the set rules of each style for punctuations, spaces, italics and positions of different items.

Your raw list, just the links or even the author name and year can get you a complete list of References and Bibliography. For list more than 100 we offer special discounts.


Within the text there are a lot of places where citations are required. We synchronize them with your reference list according to the style you are following i.e. IEEE, APA 6, APA 7, and Harvard. We cross check them with your list and make sure that the citation is in sync with corresponding reference.

Resource Hunt

We can provide you with complete authentic articles which are not easily available on internet, or they are very expensive on internet. We would arrange the resources that are 10 times cheaper than the original price of the article. We can find the books’ links, research articles’ links, and web links and much more with just your keywords. We also provide soft copies of complete articles and eBooks on demand.